RDG 404 – Assessments and Data Use in Reading Instruction

This literacy course emphasizes the importance of summative and formative literacy assessments and effective literacy assessment instructional planning to promote student learning and growth. Candidates will demonstrate proficiency in selecting assessment tools aligned with instructional goals, interpreting assessment data to guide instruction and intervention strategies , and fostering student self-evaluation and goal-setting. Additionally, candidates will utilize a diverse range of assessment tools and practices, including technology-based methods, to accommodate the needs of individual and group learners. They will demonstrate the ability to plan and implement literacy assessment instruction that aligns with Common Core State Standards and addresses the unique needs of all students. Furthermore, candidates will prioritize the development of student independence and self-advocacy skills to support long-term literacy learning success.

Addressed: 2.A-C, 6.B-D
Assessed: 2.A-C, 6.B