Transition to Teaching Part 1 & 2

This seminar is divided into two parts – Part 1 takes place in the summer before candidates start the transition to teaching through their field experience and Part 2 takes place at the end of the school year when candidates have started the transition process.

This seminar explores what the transition to teaching will be like for candidates who are transitioning from the roles of paraeducators, career changers, substitutes, and teachers of record. Candidates will learn about the paraeducator standards and the InTASC teacher standards and will compare the responsibilities for these roles. Candidates will complete a self-assessment using the InTASC teacher standards and will reflect on areas of strength and areas of improvement, which will be incorporated into their field experience and Capstone Professional Growth Plan. Discussion will focus on common challenges of the transition to teaching, how relationships and interactions will change, and the resources available to support candidates through the time of transition.

During Part 1, candidates will review the program field experience requirements, what counts as field experience, and how to log hours towards field experience. Candidates will also learn more about the roles of program mentors and field supervisors, and how they will interact with the candidate throughout their field experience.