ELEM ED 909/910 – ELA Reading and Writing Methods

This course will focus on the knowledge and understanding of the processes, purposes and practical aspects of teaching reading and writing. Candidates will understand semantics, syntax, morphology and phonology as it relates to Standard American English. Upon completion of this course, candidates will understand and construct meaning from a wide variety of culturally relevant literary and expository text. This learning will include a range of strategies used to comprehend, analyze, interpret and evaluate text. This course will support candidates in understanding the variability in reading levels among children and how to utilize varied assessment tools to inform instruction. Candidates will learn the recursive, interactive and collaborative nature of the writing process and how the diverse life experiences of the writer shape the writing. This course will address finding a clear purpose, audience, and perspective for writing and how students can utilize various formats and technologies. Candidates will have opportunities to learn culturally responsive teaching practices, participate in reflective activities to examine their own experiences.

Addressed: 1.B.1-3, 4.A-5.G
Assessed: 1.B.1-3, 5.A-5.E