ELEM ED 607 – STEM Methods

This course will provide an introduction to curricular and instructional practices that can be used to integrate science into the elementary classroom through the lens of a multidisciplinary STEM-based approach. Candidates will utilize the Washington State Learning Standards and examine the role of mathematical modeling while practicing how to plan for and assess these standards using inquiry-based and student-centered pedagogical approaches. Candidates will learn how to create relevant instructional materials by making connections to real-world STEM-related problems in their community. Candidates will focus on integrating best practices that acknowledge and appreciate students’ unique experiences and make content accessible to learners who come from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Addressed: 1.D.11, 1.E.2-5, 4.A-5.G
Assessed: 1.D.11, 1.E.2-3